From 11.05. To 01.06.2002.

Ciklus indijskog filma

Ciklus indijskog filma


Films in cycle

Two Eyes, Twelve Hands

(Do Ankhen Barah Haath, 1958)

Directed by: Rajaram Shantaram
PHOTOGRAPHY: G. Balakrishna

Adinath, the prison guard, tries to prove that six new prisoners, sentenced to death, can become good. At first the prisoners themselves are skeptical but they begin to understand Adhinat’s plan while they work on a secluded parcel of land. Still, not everything is simple; after the harvest, they have to deal with crooked retailers…

black and white, 143 min
Saturday 11.05.2002 AT 16:00

The Cloud-capped Star


Directed by: Ritwik Ghatak

This is a story of Nita’s decline. She is a girl who tries to make ends meet and feed her family. Her brother doesn’t want to work, and after a while her father becomes ill, and Nita is the only one to take care of the family. Besides all that, she has to keep a relationship going…

black and white, 134 min
Saturday 18.05.2002 AT 14:30



Directed by: Mani Ratnam

Roja is an eighteen-year-old girl from a village. She gets married to Rishi who works for the government and leaves with him for Kashmir. Terrorists violently break the idyll of the married couple when they kidnap Rishi. Roja wonders if she will see him ever again...

color, 138 min
Saturday 18.05.2002 AT 16:45



Directed by: Richard Attenborough
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ronnie Taylor, Billy Williams

The film tells the story of Mahatma Gandhi from the beginning of his career as a lawyer until the moment he became the international symbol of peace – from London, across South Africa to his native India. This is one of the most famous films by Richard Attenborough. It won many awards at festivals around the world including eight Oscars (Best Film, Director and Actor), Golden Globes (Best Foreign Film and Director) and the BAFTA award (Best Film and Director) and many other awards.

b/w and color, 35 mm, 188 min
Saturday 25.05.2002 AT 15:00


(The Second Sun, 1991)

Directed by: Sibi Malayil

It is a story of two brothers from a family for which music and religion are part of their tradition. The older brother has a problem with alcohol. He goes on a pilgrimage and dies. The younger brother keeps it a secret from the family because his sister is getting married…

color, 147 min
Saturday 01.06.2002 AT 15:00
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