The Flight Of The Phoenix

feature film, 1965.

DIRECTED BY: Robert Aldrich

The Flight Of The Phoenix

James Stewart (Frank Towns),
Richard Attenborough (Lew Moran),
Peter Finch (kapetan Harris),
Hardy Krüger (Heinrich Dorfmann),
Ernest Borgnine (vozač kamiona Cobb)

Lukas Heller (prema romanu Trevora Dudleya Smitha)

Joseph F. Biroc

A freight airplane with the pilot, navigator and ten passengers falls down in a desert after a sudden storm breaks their engines. The plane is damaged, two people die and one is severely injured, the radio does not work, and the only thing they can do is to wait for help. But the storm has diverted the plane from its original course and one of the passengers claims that he knows how to make a plane from the wreck…

Richard Attenborough - biography

color, 35 mm, 142 min