The Young Lions

feature film, 1958.

DIRECTED BY: Edward Dmytryk

The Young Lions

Marlon Brando (poručnik Christian Diestl),
Montgomery Clift (Noah Ackerman),
Dean Martin (Michael Whiteacre),
Maximilian Schell (kapetan Hardenberg),
Barbara Rush (Margaret Freemantle)

Edward Anhalt (prema romanu Irwina Shawa)

Joseph MacDonald

The first Hollywood film by Maximilian Schell, a story about a few different men and the way the World War II affected them. Marlon Brando interprets the German ski instructor Christian Diestl who joins the army, believing that Hitler would bring prosperity to Germany. Seeing what the war had done to his commander (Maximilian Schell), he slowly changes his opinion. Montgomery Clift plays an American Jew Noah who faces anti-Semitism among his companions.

b/w, 35 mm, 167 min