Edward Dmytryk

04.09.1908, Grand Forks, Canada - 01.07.1999, Encino, USA


Edward Dmytryk (September 4th , 1908, Grand Forks, Canada – July 1st ,
1999, Encino, USA), was an American director of Ukrainian origin. In 1923 he
started to work in the film company Paramount as a member of helping
staff. In the thirties he began to work as an editor, and already in 1935 he
directed his first film, The Hawk. In the forties he made several films,
among others: Hitler's Children (1943), Murder My Sweet/Farewell My
(1944), Cornered (1945), Back to Bataan (1945), Till
the End of Time
(1946), Crossfire (1947). During President McCarthy’s
famous “witch hunt” (at the beginning of fifties) he was charged and imprisoned.
During the fifties and sixties he made films with the most famous stars
(Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Elisabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, and others). He
directed 54 films.


Films by this director

Murder, My Sweet / Farewell My Lovely

(Murder, My Sweet/Farewell My Lovely, 1944)

Directed by: Edward Dmytryk

Private detective Philip Marlowe has to find a girl named Velma. He was hired by Moose Malloy, a criminal who has just come out of prison after seven years. Velma is his ex-girlfriend whom he hasn’t seen for six years. Marlowe’s task is harder than it seems and it leads him into a complex web of deceit, bribing, perjury, and roguery where no one’s intentions are clear…

b/w, 95 min

Raintree County


Directed by: Edward Dmytryk
PHOTOGRAPHY: Robert Surtees

Elizabeth Taylor tumači Susannu, bogatu južnjačku ljepoticu koja se tijekom odmora u Indianu zaljubi u idealista Johna. Iako je već zaručen za Nell, popušta pred čarima Susanne. Praveći se da je trudna, pridobije ga i za brak te se zajedno sele na Jug. S dolaskom rata na vidjelo izbija i Susannina tajna.

color, 168 min

The Young Lions


Directed by: Edward Dmytryk
PHOTOGRAPHY: Joseph MacDonald

The first Hollywood film by Maximilian Schell, a story about a few different men and the way the World War II affected them. Marlon Brando interprets the German ski instructor Christian Diestl who joins the army, believing that Hitler would bring prosperity to Germany. Seeing what the war had done to his commander (Maximilian Schell), he slowly changes his opinion. Montgomery Clift plays an American Jew Noah who faces anti-Semitism among his companions.

b/w, 35 mm, 167 min
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