My Love Affair with Marriage

animated, comedy, Latvia, USA, 2023

DIRECTED BY: Signe Baumane

My Love Affair with Marriage

Dagmara Dominczyk (Zelma),
Michele Pawk (Biology),
Matthew Modine (Bo),
Cameron Monaghan (Sergei),
Iluta Alsberga (Sirena 1),
Ieva Katkovska (Sirena 2),
Kristine Pastare (Sirena 3)

Signe Baumane

Kristian Sensini

Signe Baumane,
Sturgis Warner


Born on the Russian island of Sakhalin and raised in Latvia, young Zelma grows up in constant conflict with the desperate expectations forced upon her as a young woman.

Haunted by a trio of singing sirens, she embarks on a desperate search for love and happiness, but finds only opposition and struggle at every turn.

Signe Baumane’s semi-autobiographical coming-of-age tale is a visually ravishing animated odyssey peppered with dark humour and sly observations about the immigrant experience and humanity’s eternal battle of the sexes.

color, 108'