The Wages of Fear

Le salaire de la peur, feature film, drama, triler, France, Italy, 1953

DIRECTED BY: Henri-Georges Clouzot

The Wages of Fear

Yves Montand (Mario),
Charles Vanel (Jo),
Folco Lulli (Luigi),
Peter van Eyck (Bimba),
Véra Clouzot (Linda)

Henri-Georges Clouzot,
Jérôme Géronimi (based on Georges Arnaud’s novel)

Armand Thirard

Georges Auric


In Middle America four adventurers - Mario, Jo, Luigi and Bimba – accept the offer from an oil company to drive a truck full of nitroglycerin to the oil drilling area that is several hundreds of kilometers away. They will each get 2000 dollars. While travelling across bad roads and an inaccessible terrain, they gradually become more and more anxious because of the deadly cargo that they are transporting…
This excellent psychological thriller won the Grand Prix in Cannes in 1953.

Film has both English and Croatian subtitles!

b/w, 131'