The Restless

Les Intranquilles, feature film, drama, Belgium, Luksemburg, France, 2021

DIRECTED BY: Joachim Lafosse

The Restless

Leïla Bekhti,
Damien Bonnard,
Gabriel Merz Chammah,
Patrick Descamps,
Jules Waringo,
Alexandre Gavras

Joachim Lafosse,
Anne-Lise Morin,
Juliette Goudot,
François Pirot,
Chloé Léonil,
Lou du Pontavice,
Pablo Guarise

Jean-François Hensgens

Marie-Hélène Dozo


Art restorer Leïla and painter Damien are deeply in love. However, Damien’s big, loud and unpredictable character is becoming increasingly burdensome for the exhausted Leïla and their young son, who still adores his spontaneous and fun dad. Inspired by the author’s growing up with a bipolar father, The Restless is an intimate, authentic tale about the complex dynamics of a family caught in the spiral of psychological illness. Lafosse’s stirring romance drama competed for the Palm d’Or and marks his fourth appearance at ZFF (Keep Going – PLUS programme Best Film, The White KnightsOur Children).

color, 118'