Joachim Lafosse

18.01.1975, Uccle


Joachim Lafosse studied directing at the Institut des arts de diffusion (IAD) from 1997 to 2001. He graduated with the short film Tribu (2001), and three years later made his feature debut Private Madness (Folie privée, 2004). In 2006, he made two features: Ça rend heureux and Private Property (Nue propriété), and two years later Private Lessons (Élève libre, 2008). He was the co-screenwriter on all of his films and he is currently working on preproduction for his film Loving Without Reason (Aimer à perdre la raison).


Films by this director

Ça rend heureux


Directed by: Joachim Lafosse
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jean-François Metz

This is an auto-ironic film at the expense of the director’s first film that was commercially successful. It is a story about a director who tries to promote his own film. He puts posters all over town to invite the audience to come and see his film. After the film turns out to be a failure, his actor friend manages to persuade him to make another film.

color, 35 mm, 85 min

The Restless

(Les Intranquilles, Belgium, Luksemburg, France, 2021)

Directed by: Joachim Lafosse
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jean-François Hensgens

Art restorer Leïla and painter Damien are deeply in love. However, Damien’s big, loud and unpredictable character is becoming increasingly burdensome for the exhausted Leïla and their young son, who still adores his spontaneous and fun dad. Inspired by the author’s growing up with a bipolar father, The Restless is an intimate, authentic tale about the complex dynamics of a family caught in the spiral of psychological illness. Lafosse’s stirring romance drama...

color, 118'
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