Innocence without protection

feature film, action, ljubavni, 1942

DIRECTED BY: Dragoljub Aleksić

Innocence without protection

Dragoljub Aleksić (Aleksić),
Bratoljub Gligorijević (Petrović),
Vera Jovanović,
Ana Milosavljević (Nada),
Pera Milosavljević

Dragoljub Aleksić

Stevan Mišković


The author of the film and the main actor is Dragoljub Aleksić, who was a famous Serbian acrobat at the time. He plays a strongman and a young girl Nada is in love with him. However, her step-mother forbids her to meet him because she wants her to marry the rich and evil Mr. Petrović. When Nada’s innocence becomes threatened, Aleksić comes to the rescue… 

Innocence Unprotected was the first Serbian feature sound film. At the time of its release, German occupators seized a copy of the film, and the Communist government banned it as it was filmed during the occupation. 

b/w, digital, 46 min