From 03.04. To 07.04.2017.

Days of Serbian Film

Days of Serbian Film

Selection of various Serbian films. Some will have English subtitles:

Monday, April 3
19:00 The Marathon Family (1982); director: Slobodan Šijan (English subtitle)
Guest: Slobodan Šijan
21:30 Plastic Jesus (1971); director: Lazar Stojanović

Tuesday, April 4
18:00 Innocence without protection (1942); director: Dragoljub Aleksić
19:00 Humidity (2016); director: Nikola Ljuca (English subtitle)
21:00 Trolling (2013); director: Kosta Đorđević (English subtitle)
Guest: Kosta Đorđević

Wednesday, April 5
18:00 Sinner without a Sin (1930); director: Kosta Novaković (silent film)
19:00 Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying (2011); director: Bojan Vuletić (English subtitle)
Guest: Bojan Vuletić

21:00 Incarnation (2016); director: Filip Kovačević (English subtitle)
Guest: Stojan Đorđević, actor

Thursday, April 6
18:00 Karadjordje (Život i dela besmrtnog vožda Karađorđa) (1911); director: Ilija "Čiča" Stanojević (silent film)
19:00 National Class Category Up to 785 Ccm (1979); director: Goran Marković
21:00 Open Wound (2016); director: Momir Milošević
Guest: Momir Milošević

Friday, April 7
17:00 Special Education (1977); director: Goran Marković
19:00 Tilva Rosh (2010); director: Nikola Ležaić (English subtitle)
21:00 Travelator (2014); director: Dušan Milić (English subtitle)

Films in cycle

The Marathon Family

(Serbia, 1982)

Directed by: Slobodan Šijan
PHOTOGRAPHY: Božidar 'Bota' Nikolić

Topalović family consists of six living generations of male descendants who are all in the mortician business. The only rebel in the family is the youngest Mirko who does not want to continue the family tradition. His father Laki, grandpa Milutin, rheumatic great grandpa Aksentije, dumb and almost completely deaf great-great grandpa Maksimilijana bound to a wheelchair and great-great-great grandpa Pantelija who is very sick are all appalled. Mirko is in love with Kristina, daughter of a local cr...

35 mm, color, 92 min
Monday 03.04.2017 AT 19:00

Plastic Jesus

(Serbia, 1971 | Mjesto prikazivanja filma: MM Centar (Studentski centar, Savska cesta 25))

Directed by: Lazar Stojanović

Zagrepčanin Tom, underground filmaš i performer, životari u Beogradu uz pomoć raznih žena s kojima se upušta u kratkotrajne odnose. Nakon što ga je napustila luckasta američka djevojka, koja je pjevala pjesmu Plastic Jesus, splete se sa ženom čiji je muž u inozemstvu. Istovremeno, održavaju se studentske demonstracije u kojima se zahtjeva vjernost izvornim komunističkim idealima i kritizira takozvana crvena buržoazija, odnosno vladajuća elita koja se otuđila od radničke klas...

b/w and color, 74'
Monday 03.04.2017 AT 21:30

Innocence without protection


Directed by: Dragoljub Aleksić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Stevan Mišković

The author of the film and the main actor is Dragoljub Aleksić, who was a famous Serbian acrobat at the time. He plays a strongman and a young girl Nada is in love with him. However, her step-mother forbids her to meet him because she wants her to marry the rich and evil Mr. Petrović. When Nada’s innocence becomes threatened, Aleksić comes to the rescue…  Innocence Unprotected was the first Serbian feature sound film. At the time of its release, German occupators seized a copy...

b/w, digital, 46 min
Tuesday 04.04.2017 AT 18:00


(Serbia, 2016)

Directed by: Nikola Ljuca
PHOTOGRAPHY: Maja Radošević

This is a drama with elements of a thriller and it is a story about a young and successful married couple living in Belgrade. Petar, a handsome and successful manager comes back from a business trip and is met by his wife Mina at the airport. They spend the night together and after that Mina disappears without a trace.  At first Petar thinks that she will come back and continues to live his life. Soon he starts to hide the fact that she disappeared and lies. At night his fear grows…...

drama, color, 113 min
Tuesday 04.04.2017 AT 19:00


(Serbia, 2013)

Directed by: Kosta Đorđević
PHOTOGRAPHY: Radoslav Vladić

During one day and night we follow Đuro, Hana and Relja, three young people living in Belgrade and connected by an honest, naïve love for the wrong person. Đura wants to propose to his former schoolmate Kiki who now works as a dancer in a nightclub and is a drug addict. Hana cannot stop thinking about Bojan, her father’s older and married friend. Relja is in love with his best friend Sanja. When her home-made porn film spreads around, Relja becomes obsessively jealous.  Film has...

color, 90 min
Tuesday 04.04.2017 AT 21:00

Sinner without a Sin


Directed by: Kosta Novaković
PHOTOGRAPHY: Kosta Novaković

Nikola and Ljubica are a young couple in love living in their village. Nikola moves to Belgrade to study and Ljubica gets encouraged by her school teacher to also purse her studies. In Belgrade she meets the elegant Lajoš who tries to seduce her, but fails. Soon, Ljubica realizes that Lajoš is in fact a bank robber and the police arrest her under suspicion of being his accomplice. Even though the police soon release her from custody, she is disappointed and ashamed and tries to com...

silent, b/w, 54 min
Wednesday 05.04.2017 AT 18:00

Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying

(Serbia, 2011)

Directed by: Bojan Vuletić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jelena Stanković

This is a contemporary romantic comedy about the trials of searching for the right partner told through four different love stories. All the heroes are foreigners who came to Belgrade looking for different things – jobs, adventure, love, sex. While meeting the friendly locals, they end up finding more than they were looking for in the first place.  Film has English subtitles and director Bojan Vuletić will be present during screening!

color, 86 min
Wednesday 05.04.2017 AT 19:00


(Serbia, 2016)

Directed by: Filip Kovačević
PHOTOGRAPHY: Uroš Milutinović

The hero of the film is captured in a series of events that he cannot avoid. He wakes up on a bench in an unknown city. He has no recollection of who he is or how he ended up in that spot. He is chased by four masked men. However, he does not manage to escape them and gets killed. Then, everything starts all over again – he wakes up on the same bench…  Film has English subtitles and actor Stojan Đorđević will be present during screening!

color, digital, 82 min
Wednesday 05.04.2017 AT 21:00

Life and work of Immortal Karadjordje


Directed by: Ilija Čiča Stanojević
PHOTOGRAPHY: Louis Pitrolf De Beery

This is the first Serbian film with a written record, but the copy was found in the Austrian Film Archive in 2003. After the restoration the premiere was held in 2004 at the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the first Serbian uprising against the Turks. The hero of the film is Karadjordje, leader of the Serbian uprising, and we follow the story of his life as a young boy until his death. The film portrays all the main historical events Karadjordje took part in.

silent, b/w, 80 min
Thursday 06.04.2017 AT 18:00

National Class Category Up to 785 Ccm

(Serbia, 1979)

Directed by: Goran Marković

Branimir Mitrović, nicknamed Floyd, is a twenty-seven year-old rally driver who keeps avoiding any kind of responsibility in his life. He lives with his parents, tries to avoid going to the military while the fact that he has a girlfriend does not stop him in his eagerness to go out with other girls. The only thing he really cares about is the next race. If he wins, he will transfer from the current “national class” of driving cars up to 785 cc (so-called "fićo") to a highe...

color, 105 min
Thursday 06.04.2017 AT 19:00

Open Wound

(Serbia, 2016)

Directed by: Momir Milošević

An intense friendship between two high-school friends comes to an abrupt ending.  It is the end of the school year and introverted Sara writes a letter to Alisa and opens up about things she cannot tell her directly. Instead of discussing it with her friend, Alisa contacts the school psychologist who asks from Sara to cease any contact with Alisa as well as the potentially socially unacceptable relationship. Left on her own, Sara falls deeper into depression and is devoured by loneliness th...

b/w, digital, 72 min
Thursday 06.04.2017 AT 21:00

Special Education

(Yugoslavia, 1977)

Directed by: Goran Marković

Pera Trta goes to a Belgrade home for underage delinquents from the provinces. At the same time, a new teacher, Žarko, arrives and begins utilizing peculiar methods in his work with the young offenders. Pera and Žarko’s destinies converge around the youngest offender, Ljupče, who refuses to speak and interact with anyone. This film questions the relationships between its plastic characters, and offers a social and psychological portrayal of urban delinquency. In 1977, this film won an award at...

color, 110 min
Friday 07.04.2017 AT 17:00

Tilva Rosh

(Serbia, 2010)

Directed by: Nikola Ležaić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Miloš Jačimović

This is Nikola Ležaić’s debut feature film and a combination of a documentary and feature. It is inspired by real young men whom he met in his hometown. In Bor in Serbia there lies the biggest copper mine that over time became merely the biggest hole in Europe. While the miners are getting ready to protest the privatization of the mine, skaters Toda and Stefan are enjoying their carefree holidays after finishing high-school. Stefan will go to Belgrade to study, while Toda has no money or i...

drama, color, 99 min
Friday 07.04.2017 AT 19:00


(Serbia, 2014)

Directed by: Dušan Milić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Petar Popović

A teenager with the nickname Slovenian lives with his sick mother in a refugee neighborhood in Belgrade. He is a great video games player and in order to earn some money he accepts the job of a hitman. His target is a member of the Serbian mafia who is in Los Angeles. Through a combination of shots in Belgrade and Los Angeles the film portrays the squalor of the boy’s everyday life and the glittery but false attractiveness of Los Angeles in which he finds himself. Film has English subtitl...

color, digital, 99 min
Friday 07.04.2017 AT 21:00
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