Nikoletina Bursać

feature film, 1964

DIRECTED BY: Branko Bauer

Nikoletina Bursać

Dragomir Pajić,
Milan Srdoč,
Milutin Mirković

Branko Bauer,
Bogdan Jovanović,
Krešo Golik - na temelju priča Branka Čopića Doživljaji Nikoletine Bursaća

The mother of war hero Nikoletina Bursać leads an imaginary conversation with her dead son's monument placed at the town square. We watch the story of Nikoleta's life: how he fought in the battlefield, how he joined the partisans with his neighbour Jovica Jež; the encounter with the Jewish girl Erna; his arguments and friendship with commander Pirgo and commesary Zlatko; his love affair with Girly; the breakthrough through the German lines with nurse Branka; the incident with Tanasi… His living friends also remember him. Pirgo and Branka have last seen him in Jajce at the founding of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia when he saw Tito…

b/w, 100 min