Du rififi chez les hommes

feature film, 1955

DIRECTED BY: Jules Dassin

Du rififi chez les hommes

Jean Servais (Tony le Stéphanois),
Carl Möhner (Jo le Suedois),
Robert Manuel (Mario Ferrati),
Jules Dassin (Cesar le Milanais),
Janine Darcey (Louise le Suedois),
Robert Hossein (Remi Grutter)

Jules Dassin,
René Wheeler,
Auguste Le Breton (prema vlastitom romanu)

Philippe Agostini

A group of criminals plan to carry out an impossible robbery. Their target is a jewelry shop and the group consists of: expert for safe deposit boxes Cesar (Jules Dassin, under the pseudonym Perlo Vita), an easy-going Italian Mario Ferrati, Tony le Stéphanois, who just got out of prison, and his protégé Jo. The film is famous for, among other things, its detailed portrayal of a robbery lasting 28 minutes and happening in complete silence, without any music or dialogue.

35 mm, b/w, 122 min