Kiss Me Deadly

feature film, 1955

DIRECTED BY: Robert Aldrich

Kiss Me Deadly

Ralph Meeker (Mike Hammer),
Albert Dekker (Dr. G.E. Soberin),
Paul Stewart (Carl Evello),
Juano Hernandez (Eddie Yeager),
Wesley Addy (poručnik Pat Murphy)

A. I. Bezzerides (na temelju romana Kiss Me Deadly Mickeya Spillanea)

Ernest Laszlo

One late evening, private detective Mike Hammer stops his car for a beautiful blond hitchhiker. The girl wears just a raincoat. At first he thinks she must be a runaway lunatic, but when two killers intercept their way, he changes his opinion. Hammer helplessly watches how they torture the girl to death. He manages to escape and, dying for revenge he tries to uncover who stands behind the girl’s murder…

b/w, 35 mm, 105 min