From 24.05. To 03.06.2003.

Cyclus of American Film Noir

Cyclus of American Film Noir


Films in cycle

The Woman in the Window


Directed by: Fritz Lang
PHOTOGRAPHY: Milton R. Krasner

A married professor, Richard Wanley, is obsessed by a portrait of a beautiful woman named Alice Reed which hangs in a shop window next to a gentlemen’s club. Soon, he meets the beautiful woman from the portrait. While visiting her in her apartment, her lover attacks him, and the professor kills him in self defense. Afterwards he becomes a victim of blackmail and a suspect for the police…

35mm, b/w, 99 min
Saturday 24.05.2003 AT 15:00

Murder, My Sweet / Farewell My Lovely

(Murder, My Sweet/Farewell My Lovely, 1944)

Directed by: Edward Dmytryk

Private detective Philip Marlowe has to find a girl named Velma. He was hired by Moose Malloy, a criminal who has just come out of prison after seven years. Velma is his ex-girlfriend whom he hasn’t seen for six years. Marlowe’s task is harder than it seems and it leads him into a complex web of deceit, bribing, perjury, and roguery where no one’s intentions are clear…

b/w, 95 min
Saturday 24.05.2003 AT 17:00

Phantom Lady


Directed by: Robert Siodmak
PHOTOGRAPHY: Elwood Bredell

One evening an engineer, Scott Henderson, mourning over his broken marriage, starts a conversation with a mysterious woman. She is elegantly dressed, with an ornate hat. She seems even sadder and more lost than Henderson. So, he invites her to a dance show, and she gladly accepts. After the show they part without even saying their names. When he returns to his apartment, Henderson finds three detectives. His wife has been strangled. Inspector Burgess starts the interrogation in order...

b/w, 87 min
Tuesday 27.05.2003 AT 19:00

Fallen Angel

(USA, 1945)

Directed by: Otto Preminger
PHOTOGRAPHY: Joseph LaShelle

Eric Stanton arrives in a small town in California, after he was thrown off a bus because he didn’t have enough money for a ticket. In a local restaurant he meets a beautiful waitress, Stella, and falls in love with her. She turns him down because he is broke. So, Eric comes up with a plan: he marries June Mills, a local unmarried girl, in order to divorce her and get his hands on June’s money and eventually on Stella. But, his plan fails because Stella is murdered, and he becomes th...

b/w, 98'
Tuesday 27.05.2003 AT 21:00

The Asphalt Jungle

(USA, 1950)

Directed by: John Huston
PHOTOGRAPHY: Harold Rosson

After getting out of jail, a hardened criminal, Doc Erwin Riedenschneider, wants to realize one of his old plans – to rob a jewelry store. An attorney with connections to criminals, Alonzo D. Emmerich, helps Doc to gather a team. The robbery, even though thoroughly planned, doesn’t go according to the initial plan. Soon, the robbers are in danger of being robbed themselves …

color, 112'
Saturday 31.05.2003 AT 15:00

Kiss Me Deadly


Directed by: Robert Aldrich
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ernest Laszlo

One late evening, private detective Mike Hammer stops his car for a beautiful blond hitchhiker. The girl wears just a raincoat. At first he thinks she must be a runaway lunatic, but when two killers intercept their way, he changes his opinion. Hammer helplessly watches how they torture the girl to death. He manages to escape and, dying for revenge he tries to uncover who stands behind the girl’s murder…

b/w, 35 mm, 105 min
Saturday 31.05.2003 AT 17:00

The Killing

(USA, 1956)

Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
PHOTOGRAPHY: Lucien Ballard

Johnny Clay, a veteran criminal, wants to do the last job before settling down to marry. His plan is to rob the local racetrack for two million dollars. He gathers a team of helpers, who are all losers and small time crooks. But, Johnny overlooks the greed of one of the robbers…

b/w, 84'
Tuesday 03.06.2003 AT 19:00

Touch of Evil

(USA, 1958)

Directed by: Orson Welles
PHOTOGRAPHY: Russell Metty

In a little town, Los Robles, on the American and Mexican border, a member of the local establishment dies in a car explosion. Local police chief Quinlan takes over the case, but he doesn’t really care about the legal procedures. Even though on his honeymoon, an honest Mexican policeman, Mike Vargas, joins the investigation. But, soon there is a small war between the two of them, and Quinlan takes the side of the local gangster boss, Uncle Joe Grandi. And he will do anything to get rid of Varg...

b/w, 95'
Tuesday 03.06.2003 AT 21:00
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