Phantom Lady

feature film, 1944

DIRECTED BY: Robert Siodmak

Franchot Tone,
Ella Raines,
Alan Curtis

Bernard C. Schoenfeld (na temelju romana Phantom Lady Cornella Woolricha)

Elwood Bredell

One evening an engineer, Scott Henderson, mourning over his broken marriage, starts a conversation with a mysterious woman. She is elegantly dressed, with an ornate hat. She seems even sadder and more lost than Henderson. So, he invites her to a dance show, and she gladly accepts. After the show they part without even saying their names. When he returns to his apartment, Henderson finds three detectives. His wife has been strangled. Inspector Burgess starts the interrogation in order to establish the husband’s firm alibi. However, it seems that no one, not even Henderson himself, can confirm his alibi: he spent the night with a mysterious lady.

b/w, 87 min