Wake Up Mate, Don't You Sleep

Kelj fel, komám, ne aludjál, feature film, 2002

DIRECTED BY: Miklós Jancsó

Wake Up Mate, Don't You Sleep

Zoltán Mucsi,
Ildikó Tóth,
Péter Scherer,
Miklós Jancsó,
Gyula Hernádi,
Béla Fesztbaum

Ferenc Grunwalsky,
Gyula Hernádi

Ferenc Grunwalsky

Pepe and Kapa are legendary characters from Jancsó’s four-parts film project started in 1999, as well as some other of his films. In this last part, the master of tragic grotesque, Jancsó, describes Hungary in the time of the WW II. This film showcases a broad variety of colorful characters. There are a Hungarian soldier, a Jew with the yellow star, a member of the SS who has run from the “Volk”, a Russian with a mouth harmonica, Jancsó himself in a small role, the screenwriter Hernádi, (in a hospital bed), a Russian T-34 tank that brings oranges to the Russians, and fallen angels who are not allowed to eat.

color, 85 min