From 05.10. To 30.10.2004.

Program of Hungarian films

Program of Hungarian films


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(Torzók, 2001)

Directed by: Árpád Sopsits
PHOTOGRAPHY: Peter Szatmari

This is a story about a boy called Áron who ends up in an orphanage in a forest after his mother gets sick. The boy has trouble getting used to the new environment, and other orphans and the teachers treat him badly. In a way, such treatment makes Áron stronger but also brings him unwanted hardships.

color, 100 min
Tuesday 05.10.2004 AT 21:00

Light Falls on Your Face

(Fény hull az arcodra, 2001)

Directed by: Gyula Gulyás
PHOTOGRAPHY: Vivi Dragan Vasile

The story takes place in 1848 during the Hungarian war for independence. After many lost battles, an exhausted couple seeks a shelter in which to spend a night. They arrive in a village but the villagers have all locked their doors. Finally, an old teacher offers them shelter in his lonely home that resembles a museum. The couple is overwhelmed by memories - the woman remembers her husband who died on their way because neither she nor their companion could help him…

color, 92 min
Thursday 07.10.2004 AT 21:00

Mayday Mayhem

(Csocsó, avagy éljen május, 2001)

Directed by: Róbert Koltai

This story takes place in a rapidly industrialized town on the banks of the Danube during the 1950’s. Teacher and soccer coach Csocsó (Róbert Koltai), fights many political and emotional battles throughout his preparations for the May 1st celebration in this Communist town. Last summer this film was in the Pula Film Festival.

color, 92 min
Saturday 09.10.2004 AT 19:00

Smouldering Cigarette

(Hamvadó cigarettavég, 2001)

Directed by: Peter Bacsó

This is a story about Katalin Karady, a famous Hungarian singer in the 1940s. The poor composer Miklos Schuttberger writes a ballad Smouldering cigarette for Katalin. She later helps him out by transferring Miklos from the Ukrainian front to Budapest.

color, 122 min
Saturday 09.10.2004 AT 21:00

Wake Up Mate, Don't You Sleep

(Kelj fel, komám, ne aludjál, 2002)

Directed by: Miklós Jancsó
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ferenc Grunwalsky

Pepe and Kapa are legendary characters from Jancsó’s four-parts film project started in 1999, as well as some other of his films. In this last part, the master of tragic grotesque, Jancsó, describes Hungary in the time of the WW II. This film showcases a broad variety of colorful characters. There are a Hungarian soldier, a Jew with the yellow star, a member of the SS who has run from the “Volk”, a Russian with a mouth harmonica, Jancsó himself in a small role, the screenwriter Hernádi, (in a ho...

color, 85 min
Tuesday 26.10.2004 AT 21:00


(Tesó, 2003)

Directed by: Zsombor Dyga
PHOTOGRAPHY: Arpád Horváth

Artin and Naté are brothers who live in a Budapest neighborhood. Simpleminded Artin is twenty-three but with the mentality of a teenager crazy for rock ‘n’ roll. His older and wiser brother Naté is obsessed with sex and earns his money writing pornographic stories. One day the brothers inherit an apartment and meet a new girl. Which of the brothers will win the girl’s heart?

color, 84 min
Saturday 30.10.2004 AT 19:00
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