Light Falls on Your Face

Fény hull az arcodra, feature film, 2001

DIRECTED BY: Gyula Gulyás

Light Falls on Your Face

Lóránt Váta,
Klára Tompal,
Iozsef Biro

László Csiki,
Gyula Gulyás ( po romanu Lászla Királyja)

Vivi Dragan Vasile

The story takes place in 1848 during the Hungarian war for independence. After many lost battles, an exhausted couple seeks a shelter in which to spend a night. They arrive in a village but the villagers have all locked their doors. Finally, an old teacher offers them shelter in his lonely home that resembles a museum. The couple is overwhelmed by memories - the woman remembers her husband who died on their way because neither she nor their companion could help him…

color, 92 min