Gyula Gulyás



Gulyás took a degree in art history, Hungarian literature and philosophy in 1968, and also architecture in 1979. He began to work in film as an amateur with his brother Janos Gulyás. Važniji filmovi su mu Túlvilági beszélö (1992), Tanítványok (1999) i Fény hull az arcodra (Light Falls on Your Face, 2001).


Films by this director

Light Falls on Your Face

(Fény hull az arcodra, 2001)

Directed by: Gyula Gulyás
PHOTOGRAPHY: Vivi Dragan Vasile

The story takes place in 1848 during the Hungarian war for independence. After many lost battles, an exhausted couple seeks a shelter in which to spend a night. They arrive in a village but the villagers have all locked their doors. Finally, an old teacher offers them shelter in his lonely home that resembles a museum. The couple is overwhelmed by memories - the woman remembers her husband who died on their way because neither she nor their companion could help him…

color, 92 min
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