The Road to Hope

Il cammino della speranza, feature film, 1950

DIRECTED BY: Pietro Germi

The Road to Hope

Raf Vallone (Saro Cammarata),
Elena Varzi (Barbara Spadaro),
Saro Urzě (Ciccio Ingaggiatore),
Franco Navarra (Vanni)

Federico Fellini,
Pietro Germi,
Tullio Pinelli (prema romanu Nine Di Maria)

Leonida Barboni

Sicilian miners, unable to find work in their home country, try to move to France with their families in search of a better life. For a certain fee, Ciccio offers to take families, who have to sell all their positions in order to raise the money, over the border. Among those families are Saro and his three children and Barbara and her husband Vanni, who is on the run from the police.

35mm, b/w, 105 min