Rhythm of a Crime

feature film, triler, Yugoslavia, Centar film Beograd, Televizija Zagreb, 1981

DIRECTED BY: Zoran Tadić

Rhythm of a Crime

Ivica Vidović (Ivica),
Fabijan Šovagović (Fabijan),
Božidarka Frait (Zdenka),
Dragutin Klobučar,
Zdenka Trach

Pavao Pavličić (based on his own story)

Goran Trbuljak

Hrvoje Hegedušić

Jasna Fulgosi


In the Zagreb quarter of Trnje, old houses are being torn down to make room for concrete giants. The owner of a house on the list for demolition has a tenant obsessed with crime statistics, and his hobby is accurately calculating the possibility of the occurrence of new criminal deeds. His premonitions come true. Soon, he discovers an anomaly in the rhythm of crime and foresees his own death. It is a landmark film for the Croatian cinema of the eighties that became a cult hit.

The film has english subtitles.

b/w, 35 mm, 89'