The Seagull

feature film, produkcija Jadran film, 1953

DIRECTED BY: Branko Bauer

The Seagull

Suad Rizvanbegović,
Tihomir Polanec,
Darko Slivnjak

Josip Barković i Branko Bauer po romanu Tone Seliškara Družina Sinjeg galeba

Nikola Tanhofer

The setting is a small coastal town in 1920. Ivo's long-lost father has returned. He dies shortly after and leaves the boy a rundown boat Sinji galeb (The Seagull). The villagers, however, demand the boat in recompensation fir the father's fraud. Ivo decides to return the debt. With his two friends he sails out towards a nearby stone-pit. They get caught in a storm and end up on an uninhabited island where they discover a smugglers' hideout…

b/w, 88 min