Next Stop Greenwich Village

feature film, 1975.

DIRECTED BY: Paul Mazursky

Next Stop Greenwich Village

Lenny Baker (Larry Lapinsky),
Shelley Winters (Faye Lapinsky),
Ellen Greene (Sarah Roth),
Lois Smith (Anita Cunningham),
Christopher Walken (Robert Fulmer)

Paul Mazursky

Arthur J. Ornitz

The film portrays the bohemian lives of young people in the Greenwich Village in the 1950’s. Larry moves there partly to escape from his overprotecting Jewish mother Faye and partly to try to become an actor. Between acting classes and going to auditions, working in a bar and love problems with his girlfriend Sarah, he hangs out with a colorful group of his friends including the suicidal Annie, zany Connie, poet and womanizer Robert and an openly gay Bernstein.

color, 35 mm, 111 min