Boiling Point

feature film, UK, 2021

DIRECTED BY: Philip Barantini

Boiling Point

Stephen Graham,
Jason Flemyng,
Ray Panthaki,
Hannah Walters,
Malachi Kirby,
Vinette Robinson

Philip Barantini,
James A. Cummings

Matthew Lewis


Andy’s (Stephen Graham – The Irishman, Snatch) day has just begun and he is already behind. As the head chef of a popular London restaurant, he is used to relentless pace, stress and unexpected situations, but it’s Friday before Christmas, their busiest night of the year. The restaurant is double-booked, a sanitary inspector is nosing around the kitchen, and on top of all, Andy’s mentor appears with an acclaimed food critic. Filmed in a single shot, the film draws us into a frenzied evening of a prestigious restaurant and its staff. Actress Vinette Robinson received Jury Special Mention at Karlovy Vary for her performance.

Subtitles: EN, HR

color, 92'