Philip Barantini


Award-winning Liverpudlian director who began his career in acting, appearing in series ChernobylBand of Brothers and Humans. As a director, he has a penchant for innovation. His feature debut, Villain (2020) has received international critical acclaim from The New York Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, among others. Based on the eponymous short, Boiling Point (2021) is his second feature.


Films by this director

Boiling Point

(UK, 2021)

Directed by: Philip Barantini
PHOTOGRAPHY: Matthew Lewis

Andy’s (Stephen Graham – The Irishman, Snatch) day has just begun and he is already behind. As the head chef of a popular London restaurant, he is used to relentless pace, stress and unexpected situations, but it’s Friday before Christmas, their busiest night of the year. The restaurant is double-booked, a sanitary inspector is nosing around the kitchen, and on top of all, Andy’s mentor appears with an acclaimed food critic. Filmed in a single shot, the film dra...

color, 92'
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