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100 godina indijske kinematografije

Retrospective of Indian films

Retrospective of Indian films


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Directed by: Bongu Rao
PHOTOGRAPHY: Apurba Kishore Bir

The story is set near Hyderabad in the first half of the twentieth century. Kamakshi was sold for a small amount of money to a rich feudal family. She works as a maid, doing all possible jobs, and at the same time she is forced to be available to her master or his friends at any moment. Suffering constant harassment, Kamakshi gets pregnant. Although she wants to keep the child, she has no rights and they force her to terminate the pregnancy.

telugu, 35 mm, color, 94 min
Sunday 28.04.2013 AT 21:30
Thursday 25.04.2013 AT 19:00

Times of Betrayal

(Drohkaal, 1994.)

Directed by: Govind Nihalani
PHOTOGRAPHY: Govind Nihalani, Malay Ray

Abhay Singh and Abbas Lodhi are two police officers leading an anti-terrorist unit. They start "operation Dhanush" by sending two police novices into an active terrorist organisation. Soon they catch their commander Bhadra, hoping to get more information out of him. Intelligent, educated and fearless, Bhadra is unshakable even though locked up, and he is planning to attack the policemen instead...

hindi, 35 mm, color, 162 min
Tuesday 30.04.2013 AT 19:00
Friday 26.04.2013 AT 19:00

Train to Pakistan


Directed by: Pamela Rooks

In Mano Majra, village in Punjab on the border of India and Pakistan, Sikh majority and Muslim minority live in peaceful coexistence. Their harmonious relations are disturbed by the political climate created by the partition of British India. While Indian Muslims are moving to Pakistan, and Hindu and Sikh population leaving newly formed Pakistan for India, local propagandists and stories of hatred and violence turn peaceful neighbours into enemies.

hindi, 35 mm, color, 108min
Monday 29.04.2013 AT 21:00
Saturday 27.04.2013 AT 19:00

Ride on the Rainbow

(Konikar Ramdhenu, 2003.)

Directed by: Jahnu Barua

Eleven-year-old boy Kukoi runs away from his alcoholic stepfather in pursuit of work and happiness in the city. An owner of a car repair shop takes him in, offering food and board as pay. One evening he tries to assault him sexually, and Kukoi accidentally kills him in self defence. The shocked boy is arrested and sentenced to prison for minors. A prison warden gains his trust and finds out what happened…

asam, 35 mm, color, 112 min
Monday 29.04.2013 AT 19:00
Saturday 27.04.2013 AT 21:00

Scorching Wings

(Garam Hawa, 1973.)

Directed by: M. S. Sathyu

Following the destiny of an Indian Muslim family, the film depicts the times after the Partition of India in 1947. Salim Mirza is an aged shoe factory owner which he runs together with his son Baqar. His younger son Sikander is a student, and his daughter Amina is engaged to Kazim, the son of Salim's older brother Halim. While Halim supports the creation of Pakistan, Salim doesn't want to leave his home town Agra in the north of India.

hindi, 35 mm, color, 146 min
Thursday 02.05.2013 AT 19:00
Sunday 28.04.2013 AT 19:00



Directed by: Kaasinathuni Vishwanath
PHOTOGRAPHY: V. Durga Prasad

Brothers Srinivasachari and Ranga are famous film music composers who have a mutually respectful business collaboration. Srinivasachari is married with no children, as opposed to Ranga who is a widower and a father of two. When Ranga falls in love and marries a television presenter Surekha, her jealousy causes strife between the brothers. Film director Kaasinathuni Vishwanath plays one of the leading roles, brother Srinivasachari.

telugu, color, 35 mm, 120 min
Friday 03.05.2013 AT 19:00
Thursday 02.05.2013 AT 21:30



Directed by: Amol Palekar
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ravi K. Chandran

Newlywed Lachchi is left on her own by her husband Kishanlal the day after the wedding. Devoted more to his work and his father, a rich merchant Bhanwarlal, than to his own bride, Kishanlal leaves to a distant city for five years to start a business. Lachchi is inconsolable. After only a few days, Kishanlal returns unexpectedly. But Lachchi realises it is a ghost who took the form of her husband.

hindi, color, 35 mm, 141 min
Saturday 04.05.2013 AT 20:00
Friday 03.05.2013 AT 21:00

The Heart Desires

(Dil Chahta Hai, 2001.)

Directed by: Farhan Akhtar
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ravi K. Chandran

Akash, Sameer and Siddharth are three young men of completely different character, but a true friendship holds them together. Frisky Akash is constantly changing girlfriends, as he doesn't believe in love, while hopeless romantic Sameer is falling in love over and over again. The most mature of the three, Siddharth, is an artist devoted to his calling. An older woman Tara moves to their neighbourhood, and their love of art brings them together. Siddharth falls in love, but he keeps it a secret...

hindi, color, 35 mm, 175 min
Wednesday 08.05.2013 AT 19:00
Saturday 04.05.2013 AT 17:00

I have Already Given My Heart Darling

(Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam, 1999.)

Directed by: Bhansali, Leela

A young Indian Italian student Sameer joins the family of Pundit Darbar, renowned Indian composer of classical music. Learning from Pundit and living in their house, he falls in love with their daughter Nandini. Although she doesn't like him at first, she gradually returns affection. The young couple dream of a secret wedding, but Pundit puts an end to their happiness when he realises what is going on. Already having a groom for Nandini in mind, he sends Sameer away, who leaves for Italy......

hindi, color, 35 mm, 188 min
Tuesday 07.05.2013 AT 19:00
Sunday 05.05.2013 AT 19:00

Water, Water

(Thaneer Thaneer, 1981.)

Directed by: Kailasam Balachander
PHOTOGRAPHY: Lokanathan B.S.

The residents of Athipati, a remote village in the most southern Indian state Tamil Nadu, are suffering from lack of water due to drought. In order to solve that difficult problem they turn to government institutions, only to face bureaucracy, corruption and politicians who are using them for their personal gain. They are poor, with no political influence and connections, which emphasises their helplessness.

tamil, 35 mm, color, 143 min
Thursday 09.05.2013 AT 19:00
Monday 06.05.2013 AT 19:00
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