Marriage Italian-Style

Matrimonio all'italiana, feature film, 1964

DIRECTED BY: Vittorio De Sica

Marriage Italian-Style

Sophia Loren (Filumena),
Marcello Mastroianni (Domenico),
Aldo Puglisi (Alfredo)

Eduardo De Filippo,
Renato Castellani,
Antonino Guerra,
Leo Benvenuti,
Piero De Bernardi (scenarij po kazališnom djelu Filumena Marturano Eduarda De Filippoa)

Roberto Gerardi

Domenico and Filumena first met during the WW 2 in a bordello. Since that time they have been iseparable. Filumena wants to marry Domenico. He will always pay for her rent and food, let her take care of his business, but marriage is out of the question. He just wants her to be his employee during the day and lover during the night. Filumena pretends to be dying and on her death bed tries to convince Domenico into marrying her. And all of this happens when Domenico plans to marry his other young employee…A comedy that popular all over the world.

digital, color, 102 min