Fanny and Alexander

Fanny och Alexander, feature film, 1982

DIRECTED BY: Ingmar Bergman

Fanny and Alexander

Gunn Wĺllgren (Helena Ekdahl),
Börje Ahlstedt (Carl Ekdahl),
Pernilla Allwin (Fanny Ekdahl),
Bertil Guve (Alexander Ekdahl),
Allan Edwall (Oscar Ekdahl)

Ingmar Bergman

Sven Nykvist

Sylvia Ingemarsson

The story of two children – a ten-year-old boy, Alexander, and his younger sister – descendants of a wealthy artistic family Ekhdal situated in provincial Sweden at the beginning of the 20th century. After a sudden death of their father, their mother decides to remarry. Fanny and Alexander have to move into the home of their rigid and heartless stepfather, Vergerus…

color, 188'