The Executioner

El verdugo, feature film, 1963

DIRECTED BY: Luis García Berlanga

The Executioner

Nino Manfredi (José Luis Rodríguez),
Emma Penella (Carmen),
José Isbert (Amadeo),
José Luis López Vázquez (Antonio Rodríguez),
Ángel Álvarez (Álvarez)

Rafael Azcona,
Ennio Flaiano,
Luis García Berlanga

Tonino Delli Colli

Executioner Amadeo is about to retire. Since his profession is so peculiar he is worried about his replacement. His daughter Carmen has a different problem: as soon as men realize what her father does, they run away from her. A possible solution for both of them is José, an attractive young man who works as an undertaker.

b/w, HD, 90 min