Premeditated Love Letters

feature film, melodrama, Croatia, 1985

DIRECTED BY: Zvonimir Berković

Premeditated Love Letters

Zlatko Vitez (Ivan Kosor),
Irina Alfjorova (Melita),
Kruno Šarić (Željko Gajski),
Mustafa Nadarević ('Papageno'),
Relja Bašić (primarijus)

Zvonimir Berković

Goran Trbuljak

Maja Virag-Rodica

Musicologist and professor Kosor wakes up in a hospital. He has survived a serious car accident. In a bed next to his lies the amiable economist Gajski, whose wife Melita regularly visits him. This unusually beautiful woman is the first person that Kosor sees after he gains consciousness and is completely enchanted by her. Kosor becomes obsessed by Melita’s physical beauty and her trustworthy character and begins a risky game of writing and sending her anonymous love letters…

color, digital restauracija, 95'