Monkey Business

feature film, comedy, USA, 1952

DIRECTED BY: Howard Hawks

Monkey Business

Cary Grant (Barnaby Fulton),
Ginger Rogers (Edwina Fulton),
Charles Coburn (Oliver Oxley),
Marilyn Monroe (Lois Laurel),
Hugh Marlowe (Hank Entwhistle)

Ben Hecht,
Charles Lederer,
I.A.L. Diamond

Milton R. Krasner

Leigh Harline

William B. Murphy


Barnaby Fulton is a chemist and a researcher who is trying to find a formula for the elixir of youth. One of the chimps in his lab plays with the ingredients and accidentally mixes the elixir.  Barnaby tries it and returns to his youth, both physically and mentally. He goes to town, gets himself a new wardrobe, car and hairstyle and spends the day with the young and attractive boss’ secretary Lois. At home, Barnaby’s wife Edwina drinks the elixir and starts acting like a schoolgirl. She calls her former crush on the telephone…

b/w, 97'