From 31.12.2017. To 01.01.2018.

New Year’s Eve as in Cinema

New Year’s Eve in Tuškanac Cinema

New Year’s Eve in Tuškanac Cinema

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Tuškanac cinema in company of Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, Ginger Rogers, Kate Winslet, Jimi Belushi, Justin Timberlake and Juno Temple in the irresistible films by Howard Hawks and Woody Allen. There will be lots of film music, tasty bites and the mandatory glass of champagne at midnight. 

Arrival to Tuškanac is expected from 8.30 pm and the first film begins at 9.30 pm.
The ticket price for owners of membership cards is 150 kunas, and for others 200 kunas. The tickets can be bought at the movie theatre’s register till December 22, 2017. They will also be on sale from December 27 to 29, 2017 from 10 am to 5 pm in Croatian Film Association’s office, Tuškanac 1, located above the movie theatre.

We are available for all details at the phone numbers 4834 039 and 4848 771, as well as 091 4783700.

Do not wait for the last minute to get your tickets for New Year’s Eve! 

Films in cycle

Monkey Business

(USA, 1952 | Mjesto prikazivanja filma: Kino Forum (SD Stjepan Radić, Jarunska ul. 2))

Directed by: Howard Hawks
PHOTOGRAPHY: Milton R. Krasner

Barnaby Fulton is a chemist and a researcher who is trying to find a formula for the elixir of youth. One of the chimps in his lab plays with the ingredients and accidentally mixes the elixir.  Barnaby tries it and returns to his youth, both physically and mentally. He goes to town, gets himself a new wardrobe, car and hairstyle and spends the day with the young and attractive boss’ secretary Lois. At home, Barnaby’s wife Edwina drinks the elixir and starts acting like a schoolg...

b/w, 97'
Sunday 31.12.2017 AT 21:30

Wonder Wheel


Directed by: Woody Allen
PHOTOGRAPHY: Vittorio Storaro

The story takes place on Coney Island in New York in the 1950’s. Former actress Ginny works as a waitress and is unhappily married to the carousel operator Humpty. Ginny finds some comfort in an affair with young Mickey, beach rescuer who wants to be a writer. Their relationship gets complicated when Humpty’s daughter Caroline arrives to town. She is on the run from the mob and has a crush on Mickey…

drama, color, 101 min
Monday 01.01.2018 AT 00:30
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