Smiles of a Summer Night

Sommarnattens leende, feature film, Sweden, 1955

DIRECTED BY: Ingmar Bergman

Smiles of a Summer Night

Ulla Jacobsson (Anne Egermann),
Eva Dahlbeck (Desiree Armfeldt),
Margit Carlqvist (Charlotte Malcolm),
Gunnar Björnstrand (Frederik Egerman),
Jarl Kulle (Carl Magnus Malcolm)

Ingmar Bergman

Gunnar Fischer

Erik Nordgren

Oscar Rosander

A group of former, present, and future lovers gathers at the estate of the actress Desiree Armfeld's mother. The group consists of Frederik Egerman – Desiree's former lover, Anne –Frederik's 20-year old wife, still a virgin, Henrik – Frederik's son, theology student slightly younger than his fathers wife, count Malcolm – Desiree's present lover, and Charlotte – Malcolm's wife. In the course of a summer night Anne gets involved with Henrik, Frederik renews his romance with Desiree, and the Malcolm manage to settle their differences… while maid Petra ends up with the coachman in the hay barn.

b/w, 109'