The Song of Sriwijaya

Gending Sriwijaya, feature film, historical film, action, Indonesia, 2013

DIRECTED BY: Hanung Bramantyo / Sugeng Wahyudi

The Song of Sriwijaya

Sahrul Gunawan (Purnama Kelana),
Agus Kuncoro (Awang Kencana),
Mathias Muchus (Ki Goblek),
Julia Perez (Malini),
Slamet Rahardjo (Dapunta Hyang Mahawangsa)

Hanung Bramantyo

Rahmat Syaiful


This is a historical, adventure and action spectacle that takes place in the 16th century. Three centuries ago, Sriwijaya fell and what remained are several smaller kingdoms that competing for power. Dapunta Hyang Mahawangsa is the leader of one of such kingdoms. He has two sons - Awang Kencana and Purnama Kelana. Old Dapunta choses Purnama for his intelligence, wisdom and vision. Awanga, who relies more on his strength and fighting power, is very disappointed and is preparing his revenge…

color, digital, 138 min