Bringing Up Baby

feature film, comedy, USA, 1938

DIRECTED BY: Howard Hawks

Bringing Up Baby

Katharine Hepburn (Susan Vance),
Cary Grant (David Huxley),
Charles Ruggles (Appelgate),
May Robson (teta Elizabeth),
Walter Catlett (Slocum),
Barry Fitzgerald (Gogarthy),
George Irving (Peabody),
Fritz Feld (dr. Lehman)

Dudley Nichols & Hagar Wilde,
based on story by H. Wilde

Russell Metty

Roy Webb

George Hively


Paleontologist David, completely devoted to assembling dinosaur skeletons, goes to meet Peabody, Elizabeth Vance’s lawyer. Elizabeth is a wealthy potential sponsor of David’s museum but the meeting fails because young Susan, Elizabeth’s niece, interrupts them. In order to make it up to David, she decides to take him to her aunt’s country house in Connecticut. The impulsive Susan drives David all the more crazy because she brought her brother’s leopard along on the trip. At their destination, Elizabeth’s terrier steals David’s last dinosaur bone…
This is a master piece of screwball comedy.

b/w, 102'