Train Without a Timetable

feature film, drama, Yugoslavia, Jadran film, 1959

DIRECTED BY: Veljko Bulajić

Train Without a Timetable

Stojan Aranđelović (Lovre Brikota),
Olivera Marković (Ike),
Ivica Pajer (Nikolica),
Milan Milošević (Periša),
Inge Ilin (Dana),
Ljiljana Vajler (Antina supruga),
Bata Živojinović (Ante)

Veljko Bulajić,
Sjepan Perović,
Ivo Braut,
Elio Petri (based on idea by Veljko Bulajić)

Krešo Grčević

Vladimir Kraus-Rajterić

Blaženka Jenčik

In the spring of 1946, huge migrations are organized within Yugoslavia; entire villages move from desolate Dalmatian inlands to the fruitful plains of Slavonia, Baranja, Srijem, and Vojvodina. One of the villages is Dolac, in the Dalmatian hill country, whose inhabitants received some land and houses in the village Topolovo in Baranja. The leader of this mass relocation is the president of the village committee, Lovre, who loves the widow Ike. Lovre’s brothers, Duje and Periša, who is also called Pešo, are also on the move, as well as Pešo’s war comrade, Nikolica, a marine, who also likes Ike. On the way, Pešo falls in love with Dane, a girl from a nearby village. However, Dane has promised to marry a man from Baranja…

b/w, 35 mm, 119'