From 15.09. To 15.10.2023.

9. Rendez-vous au cinéma

9. Rendez-vous au cinéma

Program Rendez-vous au cinéma nastao je u partnerstvu Francuskog instituta u Hrvatskoj, Kino mreže i Hrvatskog audiovizualnog centra, a uključuje pet filmova: nezaboravni francuski klasik te četiri žanrovski raznovrsna recentna naslova.

Films in cycle


(Les diaboliques, France, 1955)

Directed by: Henri-Georges Clouzot
PHOTOGRAPHY: Armand Thirard

The headmaster of a decrepit French boarding school, Michel Delassalle, is a cruel man, a sadist who constantly abuses his fragile wife Christina as well as his lover Nicole Horner, a teacher who works with children. When they both realize that they have had enough of such a life, Michela, Christina and Nicole make a pact and decide to get rid of him with joint forces. He will carry out the planned murder by stunning Michel with a pill put in his drink, then by drowning him in a bathtub and fin...

b/w, 114'
Friday 15.09.2023 AT 19:00

About Joan

(A propos de Joan, France, Germany, Ireland, 2022)

Directed by: Laurent Larivière

Devastated when a figure from her past reappears as the father of her child, independent, adventurous woman Joan Verra retreats to the countryside with her son Nathan. There, he experiences fragmented memories of his past romantic encounters, his youth in Ireland, his professional success, and his relationship with his son.

color, 101'
Wednesday 20.09.2023 AT 19:00

Atlantic Bar

(France, 2022)

Directed by: Fanny Molins

At l'Atlantic Bar, Nathalie, the owner, is at the center of attention. Here, people sing, dance and hold each other close. After the bar is put up for sale, Nathalie and the regulars are faced with the end of their world and the loss of a place, at times harmful, but desperately needed.

color, 77'
Friday 22.09.2023 AT 19:00

Year of the Shark

(L'année du requin, France, 2022)

Directed by: Zoran Boukherma
PHOTOGRAPHY: David Cailley

The disappearance of a surfer puts the entire Atlantic Coast on maximum alert: a shark is prowling around in French waters! Maja, a coastguard on the verge of an early retirement, seizes the opportunity to undertake her final mission and save the bay. An icon of summer horror, the shark returns in a film that’s reminiscent of the comicality in Bruno Dumont's films.

color, 87'
Wednesday 27.09.2023 AT 19:00

Dilili in Paris

(Dilili à Paris, France, Germany, Belgium, 2018)

Directed by: Michel Ocelot

With the help of her delivery boy friend, Dilili investigates a series of mysterious kidnappings of young girls plaguing Belle Epoque Paris. During her investigation, she meets a series of extraordinary characters, each of whom gives her clues that will help her in her quest...

color, 95'
Friday 29.09.2023 AT 19:00
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