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Directed by: Gérard Corbiau
PHOTOGRAPHY: Walther van den Ende

The film is based on the story of the famous 18th century castrati Carl Broschi, better known as Farinelli. He was castrated as a young boy so his voice would not deepen. After lots of practice and hard work he became an extraordinary and esteemed singer. In the beginning of his stellar career, at his father’s command, he sang only his moderately talented brother’s songs, which rather inhibited his talent.

color, 111 minuta
Wednesday 05.10.2005 AT 21:00
Tuesday 27.09.2005 AT 20:00

One Night... a Train

(Un soir, un train, 1968)

Directed by: André Delvaux
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ghislain Cloquet

Mathias is a Flemish professor of linguistics and Anne is a French theater producer. The two of them are in a relationship that has slowly been falling into a crisis. One night they have a big argument right before leaving for a conference. Both of them board the train and when Mathias falls asleep during the trip, Anne suddenly disappears…

color, 86 minuta
Wednesday 28.09.2005 AT 19:00

The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short

(Der man die zijn haar kort liet knippen, 1965)

Directed by: André Delvaux
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ghislain Cloquet

According to many critics, the key film in the history of modern Belgian film is André Delvaux’s first feature film. It is a story about Govert Miereveld, a lawyer and professor in a Flemish school for girls. He is secretly in love with one of his students, Fran, but after her graduation loses contact with her. After some time, he has to witness an autopsy and is shocked when he sees Fran’s dead body on the table in front of him…

b/w, 94 minute
Tuesday 04.10.2005 AT 19:00
Wednesday 28.09.2005 AT 21:00

Monsieur Hawarden


Directed by: Harry Kümel
PHOTOGRAPHY: Eduard van der Enden

The main hero of the film is, in fact, also the heroine. Rather, Meriora Gillibrand created Monsieur Hawarden, her alter ego, in order to escape her past. 15 years ago, she murdered her lover. Since then she has been traveling around Europe disguised as a man, on the run from the police. She is now almost thirty and is consumed by guilt and loneliness because only her servant Victorine knows her secret.

b/w, 109 minuta
Tuesday 04.10.2005 AT 21:00
Thursday 29.09.2005 AT 19:00



Directed by: Harry Kümel

This film is an interesting mixture of horror and fantasy with Orson Welles in a small role. Jan and his sister Nancy find themselves in Malpertius, a huge old house owned by their rich uncle Cassavius. On his deathbed, he divides his assets among his heirs in equal parts. However, there is a catch: none of them may leave Malpertius or they will lose their inheritance…

color, 125 minuta
Wednesday 05.10.2005 AT 19:00
Thursday 29.09.2005 AT 21:00

Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai de commerce, 1080 Bruxelles

(Belgium France, 1975)

Directed by: Chantal Akerman
PHOTOGRAPHY: Babette Mangolte

In this film, we follow the everyday routine of a housewife, single mother, widow and prostitute Jeanne Dielman. She bathes and feeds her son, washes the dishes, cleans the house and, (while her son is away in school), welcomes her clients…

digital, color, 201 minuta
Friday 07.10.2005 AT 19:00
Friday 30.09.2005 AT 19:00



Directed by: Stijn Coninx
PHOTOGRAPHY: Walther van den Ende

The story takes place at the end of the 19th century in the small town Aalst. Priest Adolf Daens arrives to the little town and witnesses horrible conditions in the local textile factory in which children work and are sexually exploited. Horrified by what he finds, the priest writes a newspaper article and starts a revolt by the exploited workers. However, the church does not support the priest’s intervention.

color, 138 minuta
Thursday 06.10.2005 AT 21:00
Saturday 01.10.2005 AT 19:00

Pauline and Paulette

(Pauline et Paulette, 2001)

Directed by: Lieven Debrauwer
PHOTOGRAPHY: Michel van Laer

Pauline is 66 years old. She is happy, but mentally retarded and therefore living with her sister Martha who takes care of her. They have two other sisters, Cécile and Paulette, who have their own lives. When Martha dies, questions about Pauline’s future accommodations arise. According to Martha’s will, Pauline will inherit all her money unless Paulette or Cécile take her to live with one of them.

color, 35 mm, 78 minuta
Thursday 06.10.2005 AT 19:00
Saturday 01.10.2005 AT 21:30

The Son

(Le Fils, 2002)

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Dardenne
PHOTOGRAPHY: Alain Marcoen

Olivier is a carpenter in a school for troubled boys. Sixteen-year-old Francis arrives to school and turns Olivier’s life upside down. The boy does not know it, but the two of them are connected by their past. Olivier starts to follow Francis obsessively...

color, 103 minute
Monday 03.10.2005 AT 19:00

Gilles' Wife

(La femme de Gilles, 2004)

Directed by: Frédéric Fonteyne
PHOTOGRAPHY: Virginie Saint-Martin

Elisa spends days worrying about her children and the household and waiting for her husband, Gilles, who works in a metal foundry, to come home. It seems that their marriage is a happy one. However, Gilles’s night visit to a local bar makes pregnant Elisa suspicious. Is Gilles having an affair with Victorine, her sister?

color, 103 minute
Monday 10.10.2005 AT 19:00
Monday 03.10.2005 AT 21:00
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