From 30.10.2001. To 07.12.2013.

Program filmova za djecu i mladež

Program filmova za djecu i mladež


Films in cycle

Vuk samotnjak


Directed by: Obrad Gluščević
PHOTOGRAPHY: Nenad Jovičić

A boy finds a German shephard, left by the Germans during WW II. This is a lyrical film about their friendship.

color, 83 min
Friday 06.12.2013 AT 20:00
Saturday 12.06.2004 AT 17:00
Tuesday 30.10.2001 AT 15:00

Train in the Snow


Directed by: Mate Relja
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ivica Rajković

This film, based on the famous novel by Mato Lovrak, is about childhood, different personalities and overcoming of problems by staying united in spite of many differences. This is the story about a group of children who go on a field trip to a big city and experience problems on their return home through the snowed-in nature.

color, 84 min
Saturday 07.12.2013 AT 20:00
Saturday 23.10.2004 AT 17:00
Tuesday 06.11.2001 AT 15:00

I Have Two Mothers and Two Fathers


Directed by: Krešo Golik
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ivica Rajković

This is a humorous melodrama about children and their divorced parents; we follow the story of two families who, according to their burgois beliefs, think that they have solved their problems by marrying for a second time.

color, 90'
Saturday 09.10.2004 AT 17:00
Tuesday 13.11.2001 AT 15:00

Družba Pere Kvržice


Directed by: Vladimir Tadej
PHOTOGRAPHY: Frano Vodopivec

In a small town a group of boys repairs an old mill. However, there are some people who are not too happy about that…

color, 85 min
Friday 06.12.2013 AT 18:00
Saturday 05.06.2004 AT 17:00
Tuesday 20.11.2001 AT 15:00
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