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In Memoriam… George Kennedy

In Memoriam… George Kennedy

George Kennedy was an American film and TV actor whose rich career spanned over more than six decades.

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Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte


Directed by: Robert Aldrich
PHOTOGRAPHY: Joseph F. Biroc

As a young woman, rich Charlotte Hollis was planning to elope with her lover, a married man John Mayhew. During a family party at a southern plantation owned by her parents, she found John murdered. Almost forty years later, she lives alone on that same plantation. She never leaves her home because everyone thinks she was the murderer. The only support she has is her housekeeper Velma. When the local authorities decide to build a road across her property, ghosts of past awaken. 

b/w, 35 mm, 133 min
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Cool Hand Luke

(USA, 1967)

Directed by: Stuart Rosenberg

Luke arrives to a local prison on Florida to serve a two-year sentence for a petty offense He is brave and uncompromising and does not acknowledge imposed authority so he soon gets into trouble. Soon he has to take part in a boxing match with the leader of the prisoners Dragline. Even though he is clearly weaker, Luke refuses to give up and thus gains Dragline and other prisoners’ trust. While Luke’s popularity among prisoners is on the rise, his problems with the strict prison&rsquo...

color, 126'
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Friday 03.03.2017 AT 17:00
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