Roberto Bueso



He graduated in film direction at ECAM in Madrid.

His student short film La noche de las Ponchongas won awards and special recognitions at several festivals.

In 2015, he won the Proyecto Canal+ award at the Gijon Film Festival with his project La colchoneta. In 2018, he shot his first feature film, Tornar a casa, in Valencia.


Films by this director

Vald's story

(Llenos de gracia, Spain, 2022)

Directed by: Roberto Bueso
PHOTOGRAPHY: Victor Entrecanales

It is the summer of 1994. All eyes are on the green soccer fields. In the midst of the feverish global euphoria that follows the World Cup, a completely unusual nun - Sister Marina - arrives at a boarding school for children without families located in the heart of Spain. The boys welcome her with a bunch of bad things ("lions in the zoo", as Marina calls them); they steal groceries from neighborhood stores, fight with local kids and drive their parents crazy. But despite that and the...

color, 109'
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