Vald's story

Llenos de gracia, feature film, Spain, 2022

DIRECTED BY: Roberto Bueso

Vald's story

Carmen Machi,
Paula Usero,
Anis Doroftei,
Pablo Chiapella,
Manolo Solo

Roberto Bueso,
Óscar Díaz Cruz

Victor Entrecanales

Vicente Ortiz Gimeno

Jaime Colis


It is the summer of 1994. All eyes are on the green soccer fields. In the midst of the feverish global euphoria that follows the World Cup, a completely unusual nun - Sister Marina - arrives at a boarding school for children without families located in the heart of Spain. The boys welcome her with a bunch of bad things ("lions in the zoo", as Marina calls them); they steal groceries from neighborhood stores, fight with local kids and drive their parents crazy.

But despite that and the uncertain future of the boarding school, which is threatened with closure, Marina has an idea that will change everything: she wants to found a football team. With the help of the sisters Angelines and Tatiana and the peculiar janitor Rafa, they will not only bring the boys a fun distraction, but will also create a family like they never had. With plenty of humor and charm, the film tells the story of togetherness, the need for home and new opportunities based on the inspiring real events from the childhood of former Real Madrid footballer Valdo Lopes.

color, 109'