Banović Strahinja

feature film, Croatia, 1981

DIRECTED BY: Vatroslav Mimica

Banović Strahinja

Franco Nero (Banović Strahinja),
Dragan Nikolić (Alija),
Sanja Vejnović (Anđa),
Rade Šerbedžija (Abdulah),
Nikola-Kole Angelovski (Timotije)

Vatroslav Mimica,
Aleksandar Petrović

Branko Ivatović

While Banović Strahinja hunts, Alija and his gang attack Strahinja’s castle. He kills everyone in the castle, and takes away Strahinja’s wife, Anđa. On their way he tries to charm her. She resists for a long time, but finally gives in. Soon, Strahinja finds the outlaws’ camp and kills Alija in a duel. Anđa goes to her father to accept her punishment – the gouging of her eyes. She is taken to a temple where this cruel ritual will be performed. Strahinja is also there. Everyone believes that he is there to perform the ritual himself. He picks a glowing hot sword in his hand… forgives her and takes her out of the temple…

color, digital, 105 min