The Birch Tree

feature film, drama, Croatia, 1967

DIRECTED BY: Ante Babaja

The Birch Tree

Manca Košir (Janica),
Velimir Bata Živojinović (Marko Labudan),
Fabijan Šovagović (Joža Sveti),
Nela Eržišnik (Markova majka),
Martin Sagner

Ante Babaja,
Božidar Violić,
Slavko Kolar (based on story by Slavko Kolar)

Tomislav Pinter

Anđelko Klobučar

This is the terrifying story of a sensitive village girl, Janica, who is ruined by the primitive conditions of rural life and the viciousness of people. Her husband, Marko Labudan, does not understand her and the only one empathizing with her is the village eccentric, Joža Sveti. But, that is not enough to survive in a community where sensitivity is not allowed and is the cause of shame…

color, digital restauracija, 91'