It Happened at the Inn

Goupi mains rouges, feature film, 1943

DIRECTED BY: Jacques Becker

It Happened at the Inn

Fernand Ledoux (Goupi „Crvene ruke“),
Georges Rollin (Goupi-Monsieur),
Blanchette Brunoy (Goupi-Muguet),
Arthur Devčre (Goupi-Mes-Sous),
Germaine Kerjean (Goupi-Tisane)

Jacques Becker,
Pierre Véry

Jean Bourgoin

The Goupis are an unusual and closed family with its own rules and codes of conduct. They view strangers with great distrust and every member of the family has his own nickname that starts with Goupi. They all live together in a village and when a woman from the family gets robbed and murdered, the whole family becomes suspect.

b/w, 35mm, 104 min