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French film during German occupation

French film during German occupation


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Le mariage de chiffon


Directed by: Claude Autant-Lara
PHOTOGRAPHY: Philippe Agostini, Jean Isnard

Chiffon is the nickname of an untamable young woman suffocated by the conventions of her aristocratic origin. Her mother, marquise de Bray, forces Chiffon to marry a rich lieutenant who she met at a train station. Secretly Chiffon wants to be with the poor pilot who happens to be her uncle. She has to choose between the man she loves and one that her mother has chosen for her…

b/w, 35mm, 103 min
Tuesday 30.01.2007 AT 21:00
Monday 29.01.2007 AT 19:00

Fantastic Night

(La nuit fantastique, 1942)

Directed by: Marcel L'Herbier
PHOTOGRAPHY: Pierre Montazel

Fernand Gravey plays a student who finds the girl of his dreams (literally) as she follows him on the border of dreams and reality. Denis studies for his exams all day long and at night works on a flower market. Every time he manages to close his eyes, he is haunted by a mysterious girl in white. One night he follows her and has an adventure in the Parisian night; he goes to a restaurant, a night club, the Louvre, a hospital...

b/w, 35mm, 103 min
Tuesday 30.01.2007 AT 19:00
Monday 29.01.2007 AT 21:00

Love Story

(Douce, 1943)

Directed by: Claude Autant-Lara
PHOTOGRAPHY: Philippe Agostini

The story takes place in Paris in 1887. Through love relationships we follow the decay of the aristocratic family de Bonafé. Douce is the young granddaughter of Countess Bonafé and she is in love with the much poorer Fabien. This gains her the disapproval of her family even though Douce’s father longs after her nanny, Irčne, who is also in love with Fabien.

b/w, 35mm, 104 min
Thursday 01.02.2007 AT 21:00
Wednesday 31.01.2007 AT 19:00

It Happened at the Inn

(Goupi mains rouges, 1943)

Directed by: Jacques Becker
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jean Bourgoin

The Goupis are an unusual and closed family with its own rules and codes of conduct. They view strangers with great distrust and every member of the family has his own nickname that starts with Goupi. They all live together in a village and when a woman from the family gets robbed and murdered, the whole family becomes suspect.

b/w, 35mm, 104 min
Thursday 01.02.2007 AT 19:00
Wednesday 31.01.2007 AT 21:00

The Raven

(Le corbeau, France, 1943)

Directed by: Henri-Georges Clouzot
PHOTOGRAPHY: Nicolas Hayer

Gossip, fear, suspicion and paranoia creep into a small provincial town in France when there appear strange “poisonous” letters signed only with the name Raven. These letters reveal the secrets of even the most prominent inhabitants of the small town. Nobody knows who the author of these mysterious letters is or what the next letter might reveal.

b/w, 92'
Tuesday 06.02.2007 AT 19:00
Friday 02.02.2007 AT 19:00

Stormy Waters

(Remorques, 1939)

Directed by: Jean Grémillon
PHOTOGRAPHY: Armand Thirad

The captain of a tugboat from Bretagne is a brave man with a great sense of responsibility. Nevertheless, his life is on the verge of an existential crisis as he is constantly torn between his passion for work and his love and responsibility for his wife. During a dangerous operation he meets a mysterious woman who rocks his world…

b/w, 35 mm, 85 min
Saturday 03.02.2007 AT 17:00
Friday 02.02.2007 AT 21:00

Children of Paradise

(Les enfants du paradis, France, 1945)

Directed by: Marcel Carné
PHOTOGRAPHY: Marc Fossard, Roger Hubert

Garance is a courtesan and the central figure in a story of life in the 19th century French theatre. Although married, Baptiste, the mime, is in love with Garance. There are signs that his love could be returned, but a brutal criminal Lacenaire and an ambitious actor Frédérick are also interested in Garance. The film is divided in two parts because the Nazi government in the WW II banned filming of movies longer than 90 minutes. Film has both English and Croatian subtitles!

b/w, 189'
Monday 05.02.2007 AT 19:00
Saturday 03.02.2007 AT 19:00

Safe Conduct

(Laissez-passer, 2002)

Directed by: Bertrand Tavernier
PHOTOGRAPHY: Alain Choquart

This film questions the survival of the French film industry during the German occupation of France. The leading film studio, Continental film, in the country is under German leadership. Jean-Devaivre works there as assistant director and he is simultaneously a member of the French resistance. Screenplay writer Jean Aurenche refuses any connection to the Germans and tries to survive in his own way.

color, 35mm, 170 minuta
Thursday 08.02.2007 AT 19:00
Wednesday 07.02.2007 AT 19:00
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