A Time to Live and a Time to Die

Le feu follet, feature film, 1963

DIRECTED BY: Louis Malle

A Time to Live and a Time to Die

Maurice Ronet (Alain Leroy),
Léna Skerla (Lydia),
Yvonne Clech (Mademoiselle Farnoux),
Hubert Deschamps (D'Averseau),
Jean-Paul Moulinot (Dr. La Barbinais)

Louis Malle (prema romanu Pierrea Drieu La Rochellea)

Ghislain Cloquet

The film shows the last twenty four hours of a suicide victim. Alain Leroy is a writer who unsuccessfully tries to cure his depression and pain with alcohol. A private clinic and the assigned psychiatrist cannot help him. After having been proclaimed “cured” and released back into the world he tries to find help from his old friends.

35 mm, b/w, 108 min