Kamenita vrata

feature film, drama, Croatia, Jadran film, 1992

DIRECTED BY: Ante Babaja

Kamenita vrata

Ivica Kunčević (Branko Boras),
Vedrana Međimorec (Ana),
Krunoslav Šarić,
Božidar Alić,
Zlatko Crnković,
Koraljka Hrs,
Ankica Dobrić,
Pero Kvrgić,
Zvonimir Zoričić,
Aleksandra Turjak

Ante Babaja (co-writers: Slobodan Novak,
Zoran Sudar)

Goran Trbuljak

Anđelko Klobučar

Martin Tomić (Zlatna arena,
Pula 1992)

Zlatko Bourek

The main character is Dr Boras, a famous cardiologist, who is interested in the phenomena of life after life. He wrote a book on the subject but his colleagues and friends are skeptical and even make fun of him. We witness the reflections of a man who devoted his life to saving human lives and now wants to understand the riddle of merging of life and death. He also has a personal experience when his heart fails during jogging, and after that he is surprised by an encounter with the mysterious Ana in the Zagreb Old Town streets… This film is Babaja’s most personal and ambitious film, but it hardly even reached the audience (it was taken off the repertoire of cinemas in Zagreb after just one day!) and in the media Babaja was pushed to the very margins of domestic cinematography. That was often explained by the political situation of the country (time of the war), but also there seemed to be a problem with musical rights. Ivo Škrabalo, in the book 101 godina filma u Hrvatskoj, states that Kamenita vrata "is Babaja’s creative testament, which contains and skillfully connects almost all elements of his cinematographic thought and handwriting".

color, 35 mm, 101'