The Die is Cast

La suerte está echada, feature film, Argentina, 2005

DIRECTED BY: Sebastián Borensztein

The Die is Cast

Indio Apachaca (Don Víctor),
Marcelo Mazzarello (Felipe),
Gastón Pauls (Guillermo),
Daniel Reyes (Fletero)

Sebastián Borensztein

Sepe Zayas

Two half-brothers who rarely see each other reunite again just before their father is about to die. Having two very different personalities, they assure one another that they are doing well, even though it couldn’t be further from the truth. Felipe’s girlfriend has left him recently, and he has also lost his job. Guillermo has devoted his life to acting, but luck is not on his side. Knowing he has only a few more days to live, their father reveals a very unusual last wish...

digital, color, 97 min