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Chico and Rita

(Chico & Rita, 2010)

Directed by: & ErrandoTono

This is the story of a young pianist named Chico and Rita, a fantastic singer with a beautiful voice. Their tale of love and music begins in Havana, Cuba in 1948. They meet in a bar where Chico plays music with his friend and manager, Ramón. One evening after performing together they meet again in a different bar and spend the night together. Enchanted, Chico will not perform without Rita, but he will soon face a career opportunity which unfortunately does not include both of them...

digital, color, 94 min
Saturday 03.11.2012 AT 19:00
Friday 02.11.2012 AT 20:00

Ay, Carmela!


Directed by: Carlos Saura
PHOTOGRAPHY: José Luis Alcaine

Carmela and Paulino are traveling entertainers who perform their play in front of Republican troops fighting in the Civil war. One day they wander into territory held by followers of General Franco and end up facing an execution squad. At the last minute they are pardoned by a lieutenant, under the condition that they perform their play.

color, digital, 102 min
Monday 05.11.2012 AT 19:00
Saturday 03.11.2012 AT 21:00

The Finger

(El dedo, Argentina, 2010)

Directed by: Sergio Teubal
PHOTOGRAPHY: Cristian Cottet

One finger is about to stir up the whole pot in the village of Cerro Colorado. After officially becoming a town, its inhabitants must elect a mayor. The ambitious Don Hidalgo starts to campaign, convinced of his inevitable victory. When his political rival Baldomero is found dead, the elections are up in the air, as the population is now 500, one less from that which is required to maintain the status as an actual town. Baldomero’s brother Florencio saves the dead man’s finger in a jar, determin...

digital, color, 93 min
Tuesday 06.11.2012 AT 19:00
Monday 05.11.2012 AT 21:00

The Die is Cast

(La suerte está echada, Argentina, 2005)

Directed by: Sebastián Borensztein

Two half-brothers who rarely see each other reunite again just before their father is about to die. Having two very different personalities, they assure one another that they are doing well, even though it couldn’t be further from the truth. Felipe’s girlfriend has left him recently, and he has also lost his job. Guillermo has devoted his life to acting, but luck is not on his side. Knowing he has only a few more days to live, their father reveals a very unusual last wish...

digital, color, 97 min
Wednesday 07.11.2012 AT 19:00
Tuesday 06.11.2012 AT 21:00

So Normal

(Os Normais, Brazil, 2003)

Directed by: José Alvarenga Jr.

Based on a popular Brazilian television series of the same title, the film shows the first encounter of Rui and Vani. They had a wedding in the same church on the same day. Vani was supposed to marry Sérgio at 6 o’clock, and two hours later Rui was about to marry Marta. During preparations, they meet in the vestry and start talking. Then they meet again a few hours later...

digital, color, 90 min
Thursday 08.11.2012 AT 19:00
Wednesday 07.11.2012 AT 21:00

If I Were You

(Se eu fosse você, Brazil, 2006)

Directed by: Daniel Filho
PHOTOGRAPHY: José Roberto Eliezer

Although happily married and in love for years, Cláudio and Helena do not understand each other. He is a publisher, while she is a housewife who also teaches singing. She thinks Cláudio is insensitive and harsh. He, on the other hand, doesn’t take her duties seriously. After an argument, they wake up the following morning in each other’s bodies...

digital, color, 108 min
Friday 09.11.2012 AT 19:00
Thursday 08.11.2012 AT 21:00

Grado 3


Directed by: Roberto Artiagoitía
PHOTOGRAPHY: Sergio Armstrong

An adaptation of the Canadian comedy Young People Fucking (2007), the film follows five different “couples” from Chile over the course of a single night. Two ex-lovers meet again after a long time, an elderly widower decides to treat himself to a prostitute on his birthday, a young couple’s sex life is in a rut, a student trying to get rid of his flatmate in order to have sex with a girl, a homosexual and his female best friend are having sex out of boredom…

digital, color, 84 min
Saturday 10.11.2012 AT 19:00
Friday 09.11.2012 AT 21:00

El Leyton


Directed by: Gonzalo Justiniano

Best friends Leyton and Modesto are fishermen, but they have two very distinct personalities. Leyton lives for the moment and is not concerned with consequences. Seducing many married women makes him at once the most popular and the most hated person in the village. Even though Modesto listens to Leyton’s stories, he is a serious, quiet and mindful person and is full of future plans. The villagers are surprised when he marries the beautiful but shy Marta. Soon thereafter, Leyton starts making hi...

digital, color, 90 min
Monday 12.11.2012 AT 19:00
Saturday 10.11.2012 AT 21:00

Beauty and the Paparazzo

(A Bela e o Paparazzo, Portugal, 2010)

Directed by: António-Pedro Vasconcelos
PHOTOGRAPHY: José António Loureiro

A famous television actress, Mariana, is out of luck. Her career has come to a standstill, the character she plays in a soap is losing popularity, and she has no privacy due to tabloids and paparazzi. “Gabriela Santos” (the pseudonym of paparazzi João) follows her every step. One day he crosses a line and helps her in an argument with a taxi driver. They become friends. However, Mariana has no idea who João really is...

digital, color, 106 min
Tuesday 13.11.2012 AT 19:00
Monday 12.11.2012 AT 21:00

My Voice

(Nha Fala, 2002)

Directed by: Flora Gomes

Vita is a young and beautiful African woman who goes to Paris to attend school. Before leaving, her mother reminds her of the family curse: every woman from their family that sings will die. Vita calms her mother down and sets off to Paris where she meets and falls in love with the musician Pierre. He convinces Vita to start singing and record it. Soon, she becomes a famous singer in France and decides to visit her mother in Africa and prove to her that the family curse is just a superstition....

color, 110 min
Thursday 15.11.2012 AT 21:30
Wednesday 14.11.2012 AT 19:00
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